More power thanks to cleaning

The easiest, fastest, most efficient, cleanest and most ecological way to clean your photovoltaic and thermal solar panels.

Photovoltaic and thermal solar systems are exposed to the environment and get dirty. Exhaust fumes, dust, pollen and bird droppings, for example, accumulate on the panels. Moss or lichen can quickly grow on the extremities, as with roof tiles or paving slabs.

The efficiency decreases very quickly and annual losses of up to 25% can occur.

Photovoltaic and thermal solar systems need regular maintenance.

Security first

It is often very inconvenient to get onto the roof and also to ensure safety when handling the cleaning equipment

Scaffolding, lifting platforms, climbing equipment and other safety material are required to ensure safety. In addition, the execution of this work often requires several people.

This quickly becomes a very expensive undertaking !

Traditional cleaning methods

Basically, photovoltaic and thermal solar panels are cleaned with high-pressure cleaners or brushes.

This exerts a lot of pressure on the surface, which can cause micro-cracks and damage. A damaged cell affects the entire system. Most of the time, such damage is not noticed until a more serious problem is detected.

Photovoltaic and thermal solar panels need gentle and regular care

PrecisionFly Unlimited cleans your photovoltaic and thermal solar systems using drones.

The drone used is a Swiss product from the manufacturer Aero41.

This means that there is no direct contact with the surface of the panels.

Any risk to humans is minimised.

Expensive infrastructure is not necessary.

The turnaround time for cleaning is reduced by at least a factor of 5.

Cost efficiency is the logical consequence.

The products used

To clean your photovoltaic and thermal solar panels, we use only biodegradable products certified by the FOEN, which are harmless to the environment.

The procedure

First, the DJI Matrice 300 RTK drone and the DJI Zenmuse H20T camera are used to perform a thermal analysis of the facility.

This makes it easy to determine where there is a lot of soiling and so the cleaning flights can be optimally planned.

These images can also be used to detect defects, damage or module faults.

The elimination of such problem areas can prevent yield losses or even fires.

Another advantage of thermal imaging

With a special application, the recordings can be further evaluated and, for example, surface temperatures can be tapped.

This enables a more in-depth analysis. Defective modules can be detected and measures can be initiated immediately.

Preparing the spraying mission

The planning of the spraying mission is done in advance in the comfort of your home on your PC.

The Mission-Planning-System allows granular planning of the spraying mission. The mission is saved and is then available on the drone controller.

At the spot

On the trailer, there is 200L of clear water in one container.

In the other container, the product is mixed as needed. A circulation pump ensures that the mixture is always in motion.

The mixture is filled into the container of the spray drone via a hose.

While observing all safety precautions, it's off to clean the solar and photovoltaic panels.

After successful spray mission

Once the panels have been cleaned, the drone still needs to be cleaned.

This is a fairly simple undertaking, as only biodegradable products are used. Water is used to flush the tank, pumps, hoses, nozzles and the drone is clean.

And off we go to the next mission !

Briefly see how it works ?

In the following teaser, the process for cleaning the solar and photovoltaic systems using the spray drone is briefly shown.

Replace defective panels immediately

It may well be that defects or even defective panels are found during the inspection of the system.

These should be replaced immediately.

We can help the installer to minimise the risks during the work and also guarantee massive time and cost savings.

With our transport drones, there is no need to set up a crane or a lifting platform, or even to rely on a helicopter.

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