Application areas for outdoor inspections


> Bridges and Pylons
> Dams
> Catzenary lines and tracks
> Buildings, Construction sites
> Deformation maesurement


> High Voltage Lines
> Photovoltaic systems (Thermocheck)
> Telekommunication antennas

Blue light organisations

> Search and rescue
> Fire source assessment (fire fighting)
> Survey and measuring in case of accidents


> Cableway
> 3D modelling of buildings, environments, gravel pits, mines
> Above Water
> Agriculture and forestry
> Environmental disasters

There are many other areas of application. In most cases, the aim is to obtain a rapid picture of an exceptional situation or to take stock of the situation. The use of drones is more efficient and less expensive than the use of helicopters. Periodic inspections are possible without any problems and the immediate comparison of images provides information about the condition and problem areas as well as any changes since the last inspection.

You will be amazed about the quality of the pictures. We would be pleased to show you the possibilities on the occasion of a demo flight.

We would be happy to advise you on the course of your inspection needs.


20MP zoom Camera

Thanks to the 20MP Zoom Camera / 12MP Wide Camera with 23x Hybrid Optical Zoom, 200x max. Zoom, millimetre-accurate images can be taken. Via Full HD Live Streaming you can follow the inspection in direct and capture important points of the inspection with a photo recording (Point-of-Interest - POI). For regularly recurring inspections, trajectories and POIs can be programmed and automatically flown off.
The Laser Rangefinder (3m - 1'200m) is also used for precise flying.


The thermal camera has a resolution of 640x120pixel and allows thermographic images as well as night vision. This camera is mainly used to assess the condition of photovoltaic systems or to search for people.


Thanks to the 45MP high-resolution camera, razor-sharp images can be captured. This then allows the calculation of a 3D model with millimetre accuracy. Photogrammetry can be used in different environments and allows GPS possioning. For example the reconstruction of buildings, determination of the excavation volume in a building pit or the change of the excavation over a certain time in a gravel pit. The images can be processed with DJI Terra software or, depending on the client's requirements, with a third-party product to create a 3D model.


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