UAS spraying operations - Official AUTHORIZATION reveived

PrecisionFly Unlimited First and only company in Switzerland officially owning the AUTHORIZATION to conduct UAS spraying operations for the cleaning of Photovoltaic and thermal solar panels that complies with the new European UAS standards to fly in a location independent way (SORA enhanced containment).

A big thanks to the "Federal Office of Civil Aviation Switzerland FOCA", the "Federal Office for the Environment FOEN", the "Federal Office of Public Health FOPH", and the "State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO" as well as "Aero41" and "UASolutions" for the support during this long and extremely intense and interesting process.

PrecisionFly Unlimited now provides the easiest, fastest, most efficient, cleanest, safest and most ecological way to clean your photovoltaic and thermal solar panels.

Photovoltaic and thermal solar systems are exposed to the environment and get dirty. Exhaust fumes, dust, sahara sand, pollen and bird droppings, for example, accumulate on the panels. Moss or lichen can quickly grow on the extremities, as with roof tiles or paving slabs.

The efficiency decreases very quickly and annual losses of up to 25% can occur.

Photovoltaic and thermal solar systems need regular maintenance.

Learn more about the cleaning methods and processes !


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